Learn Spanish and work in charity projects for children in Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in Latin America to learn Spanish.

Atahualpa is a language school in Quito. Our students quickly get integrated in the Ecuadorian life because we not only teach them in our school in Quito but also on their journeys through Ecuador and during their work in charity projects for children.

We want you to have a good time in Ecuador and learn a lot of Spanish.

We stand for qualified teaching as we focus on private tuition. This enables our Spanish students to make good progress in the shortest time!

Atahualpa also offers you the possibility to work in various social projects for children. The communities involved are always looking for volunteers. Participation in all these projects is free of charge and limited to 90 days.

The voluntary work in these charity projects not only fosters communication while you learn Spanish but is urgently needed in a developing country like Ecuador.

If you want to work in one of the projects and learn Spanish write us an email or give us a call. We have all information right at hand, without any engagement.

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Children´s Home

We give Spanish lessons in the children´s home of the Fundación Tío or in the children´s home of the Fundación Aliñambi. You live in the children´s home. You help the children and support the home´s professional staff. More details...


State schools

You help the teachers while they give classes, take care of the children and teach them English. Spanish lessons are held in the afternoon in the guest house. More details..


Nursery schools

You take charge of the “small ones”, you care of them, look after them. Some nursery schools also take care of newborn babies. More details...


Street kids

The organisation looks after children who live on the streets and fights against child labour. It sees to it that children are educated in school. You take care of the children in the charitable institutions.  More details...