Nursury schools

Voluntary work as a nursery school teacher 

During your work as an volunteer teacher in nursery schools you will look after the children, take care of their needs, play with them, teach them. Some nursery schools also take care of young babies. The help of volunteer teachers is highly appreciated and urgently needed.

The work in nursery schools requires a great deal of self-initiative and organizing ability. Professional staff usually is overwhelmed with work and so there often is too little time left for a thorough training of our volunteers.

Volontary work Language course
The nursury schools : 4 public nursery schools:

- Manuela Canizares, Chaupitena
- Centro Infantil Pitufinos, La Valvina
- Centro Infantil Larco, Cotogchoa
- Centro Infantil Rayitos de Luz, Cotogchoa

They have up to 50 children at the age of 2 to 5 years, some with a section for newborn babies.

Duration & Costs: At least 2 weeks in combination with a Spanish course of 2 weeks. After this you can extend your voluntary work with or without Spanish course. Your volunteer activity in the nursery school is free of charge. Costs only arise for the language course and accommodation.

  • 1 week of voluntary work with Spanish course and accommodation: USD 184.00
  • 1 week of voluntary work without Spanish course: USD 49.00 (without accommodation)
  • Minimum period of work in nursery school: 2 weeks
  • Minimum duration of the language course accompanying your voluntary work: 2 weeks
The total duration of your work in the nursery school is limited to a stay of up to 90 days for which you do not need a visa nor a permission to work.
Tasks: Support of professional staff in all areas such as organisational tasks, domestic work, looking after the children, help in preparing and giving out meals, feeding children, creative activities, playing, teaching the children English and other subjects.
Working Time: Monday till Friday according to agreement
Conditions: Participation of at least 2 weeks in a Spanish course with 20 private lessons per week. If you have no previous knowledge of Spanish you need to attend the Spanish course before you start your voluntary work.
Costs & Lodging: Self-catering.
Accomodation In a guesthouse