Country and People

Ecuador is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in South America, not only for learning Spanish. Its friendly people, the diversity of its countryside and its rich culture make of Ecuador a very special experience.

Ecuador offers a variety of different landscapes: the seaside, the mountains, the jungle and the Galapagos Islands. So you find regions of different climates: subtropical heat at the coast and in the jungle and moderate warmth in the mountain regions, throughout the year. There is a range of different leisure-time activities waiting for you.

We only give individual lessons, what enables you to make considerable progress in a short time. Most of our students take the opportunity of learning Spanish outside the school during their voluntary work or while they travel through Ecuador to discover the Ecuadorian traditions and customs. This has nothing to do with the package holiday of mass tourism, which you won´t find in Ecuador anyway.


In Ecuador´s coast and jungle the climate is very warm and humid. Temperatures are relatively constant over the whole year with peaks between 30 and 35 degrees centigrade and lowest temperatures around 20 degrees centigrade.

In the Andes highlands, however, there is a spring like climate with temperatures between 5 degrees centigrade in the day, equally constant throughout the year.

In the coastal region the rainy season lasts from January to March. Rainfalls are stronger in the north than in the south. In the Andes there is not such a strong contrast between the wet and dry season but rainfalls are more intense from May to November than from June to October.

One refers to the rainy season as winter although temperatures are then slightly beyond average. The dry season is called summer.

Useful information for a journey to Ecuador

Vaccinations and prophylaxis against malaria

Check with your doctor about the vaccinations recommended for South America. You should be protected against yellow fever and malaria (prophylaxis) if you go to the jungle. Prophylaxis against malaria is required for trips to Coca. Advise: Because of the strong side-effects of the prophylaxis malaria standby tablets should be considered as an alternative. You would have to take them with you because they are NOT available in Ecuador!

Passport and duration of stay

The passport should at least be valid for another six months starting from your day of departure for Ecuador. You are permitted to stay in Ecuador for 90 days without visa. If you wish to stand longer than 90 days you require a visa. Please get in touch with  the embassy of Ecuador in Berlin or with one of the consulates for more information.

Health insurance for journeys abroad

We strongly advise you to conclude a health insurance for journeys abroad before your departure. It is usually valid for 6 months and costs EUR 8 to 10, conclusion possible in the internet.

Telephone calls with your home mobile phone

For 5 to 10 USD you can buy an Ecuadorian SIM card and can be reached on your personal mobile via a mobile number from Ecuador. (This only works with quad-band phones.)


You can easily provide cash in all banks and at all cash points by credit card and also often by EC card. You can also hand in traveller´s cheques to receive cash.

República del Ecuador

Republik Ecuador


Slogan: "Libertad y Orden"

(span. für „Freiheit und Ordnung“)

Official language
Type of state
Presidential Republic
Head of state
President Alfredo Palacio
283.560 km²
13.547.510 (source: CIA 2006)
Population density
48 inhabitants per sq km


Temperatures :
Tropical at the coast and in the jungle, 35° C in the day; spring weather in Quito and in the mountains: 20°C to 25°C in the day, 5°C to 12° C in the night.

Summer: April to October (few rainfalls);
Winter: November to March (frequent rainfalls)