Children´s homes  Fundación Tio und Fundación Aliñambi

Honorary work in social projects for children in Ecuador

You will work on an honorary basis in a children´s home of the Fundación Tío or of the Fundación Aliñambi. You will look after the children, take care of their needs, play with them, teach them. Both children´s homes are located close to Sangolqui, at about 40 km from Quito

The help of voluntary workers is highly appreciated and urgently needed in the communities! Both children´s homes live on donations. Participation in a language course (40 hours) is a condition for taking part in these projects and places are only then available for you.

The work in a children´s home requires a great deal of self-initiative and organizing ability! Professional staff usually is overwhelmed with work and so there often is too little time left for a thorough training of our volunteers.

Ecuador is a developing country. The children´s homes need allrounders who like to work on their own initiative and can lend a hand where ever they are needed

Volontary work Language course
Fundación Tio: Private foundation financed by donations cooperating with the Social Ministry of Ecuador in Quito. In the Fundación Tío there are around 20 to 25 children aged between 4 and 12 years. All the children in the Fundación Tío on pure self-support.

The parents are unable or do not want to care for their children or the children are orphans.

Depending on their age some of the children go to the local schools and are being looked after and taught in the home´s own classroom.
Fundación Aliñambi: Private foundation financed by donations, cooperating with the Social Ministry of Ecuador in Quito. This children´s home has around 120 children aged between 4 and 12, 20 to 30 of them live in the children´s home.

The children´s home has its own school where they also teach children from the nearby villages. The children´s home also has medical and psychological facilities.
Duration & Costs:

At least 2 weeks in combination with a Spanish course. After this you can extend your voluntary work with or without language course. Your activity in the children´s home is free of charge. Costs only arise for the Spanish course and accommodation.

  • 1 week of voluntary work with language course: USD 236,00 (language course with board and lodging in the children´s home)
  • 1 week of voluntary work without Spanish course: USD 56.00 (board and lodging)
  • Minimum period of work in this project: 2 weeks
  • Minimum duration of the Spanish course: 2 weeks
The total duration is limited to a stay of up to 90 days for which neither visa nor working permission is required.

Support of professional staff such as, organisational tasks, domestic work, looking after the children in their leisure time and in the classes, help in  preparing and giving out meals, creative activities, playing with the children, teaching the children.

Working Time: Monday till Sunday according to agreement and daily planning
  • Self-initiative and good organizing ability
  • Participation in a Spanish course of at least 2 weeks with 20 private lessons per week
  • A knowledge of Spanish is necessary before you start your volunteer activity. It can be acquired in a language course at Atahualpa preceding your work in the children´s home
Costs & lodging
Board and lodging free of charge during the language course.
Accommodation: In the children´s home.