Hospital of Sangolqui

Voluntary activity as a medical worker

Work in the public hospital of Sangolqui and learn Spanish.

Support the doctors or dentists in the hospital of Sangolqui. The hospital has several wards including emergency ward. It is the centre of medical care for the region of Sangolqui.

The hospital is eagerly looking for medical staff. The persons apt for this kind of activity includes senior medical students, hospital nurses, doctor´s assistents, doctors, dentists and workers with other medical trainings.

The work in the hospital requires a great deal of self-initiative and organizing ability. The hospital staff are usually very busy and have little time to instruct volunteers.

Volontary work Language course
Service: Spanish course with 20 private lessons per week; minimum duration: 2 weeks.
When: Always in the afternoon, Monday to Friday, time to be agreed with your teacher.
Where: Im Gästehaus in der Nähe des Krankenhauses
Costs: In a guesthouse close to the hospital.
  • 1 week of voluntary work with language course and accommodation: USD 184,00
  • 1 week of voluntary work without language course: USD 49,00
  • minimum duration of work in the hospital: 2 weeks
  • minimum duration of the language course: 2 weeks

All costs include accommodation in the guesthouse and travelling expenses of your teacher to the guesthouse.

If you have no previous knowledge in Spanish you will have to attend your language course in our school in Quito prior to your volunteer activity. Otherwise you are free to decide when you take Spanish lessons. The Spanish course can also be held within the programme Learning and Travelling