Street kids (Chicos de la calle)

Voluntary work in the Fundación Proyecto Salesiano Chicos de la Calle – Zona Norte, Quito

Learn Spanish in a project for street kids

The Fundación Proyecto Salesiano Chico de la Calle takes care of children who live on the streets of Quito. Many of them are children of bootblacks. They move with their parents from the country into town to work on the streets and railway stations. They have to support their parents.

The organisation has created welfare centres and overnight lodgings for these children in different districts of Quito. The organisation also has a school with education facilities. The organisation tries to convince parents to send their children to school. It gives social and psychological assistance to both children and parents to enable the children to attend classes regularly and finish school.

The work with street kids requires a great deal of self-initiative and organizing ability. The social workers are mostly under a considerable strain. So they cannot spend much time on training volunteers.

Volontary work Language course
Service: Spanish course with 20 private lessons per week; minimum duration: 2 weeks.
When: Always in the morning, Monday to Friday from 8.30 am till 1.00 pm, later in the day voluntary work in the project for street kids.
Where: In Atahualpa´s school in Quito.
  • 1 week of voluntary work with language course and accommodation: USD 184,00
  • 1 week of voluntary work without language course: USD 49,00 (only accommodation)
  • minimum duration of work in the primary school: 4 weeks
  • minimum duration of the language course accompanying your voluntary activity: 2 weeks
If you have no previous knowledge in Spanish you will have to take your language course in our school in Quito prior to your volunteer activity.
Otherwise you are free to decide when you take Spanish lessons.
The Spanish course can also be held within the programme Learning and Travelling.