Nursery schools

Voluntary work as a nursery school teacher

During your work as an volunteer teacher in nursery schools you will look after the children, take care of their needs, play with them, teach them. Some nursery schools also take care of young babies. The help of volunteer teachers is highly appreciated and urgently needed.

The work in nursery schools requires a great deal of self-initiative and organizing ability. Professional staff usually is overwhelmed with work and so there often is too little time left for a thorough training of our volunteers.

Volontary work

Language course
Service: Spanish course with 20 individual lessons per week; minimum duration: 2 weeks
When: Always in the morning Monday till Friday, time to be agreed with your teacher.
Where: The lessons are held in the guesthouse.
Costs: USD 184,00 per week, including travelling expenses of the teachers to the guesthouse, incl. accommodation in the guesthouse (self-catering). You can also take the Spanish course prior to your volunteer activity. In this case you will be accommodated with a host family in Quito or will be lodged on your journey within the Learning and Travelling programme.