State-run primary schools (Escuelas Públicas)

Voluntary work as a teacher in a poor school (1st to 6th class)

Learn Spanish and support the teachers in a state school.

Work as a volunteer in a state-run primary school. Support the teachers in all areas. You will teach up to 150 children on your own and in all kind of  subjects. Take over part of the classes, give a few English lessons per week. Help children who live in poor and socially weak conditions. Their parents are unable to pay the school fees for private and qualified schools.

In Ecuador going to school is a privilege which only few children and families can afford. Education depends on money. Most pupils from the lower class visit state schools. These schools are badly equipped, learning conditions are poor and teachers overburdened.

School attendance is compulsory only for the six years of primary school and at that stage pupils do not have any qualification. Only those children whose parents have enough financial means can go to a secondary school, the Colegio. Having completed the Colegio they can study at the university.

Our students work in a number of primary schools in the country. All primary schools are located close to Sangolqui, around 40 km from Quito. The primary schools have 50 to 150 pupils. During your voluntary work you will live in a guesthouse near the school. The guesthouse has a kitchen, bath and bedroom.

The help of volunteers is highly appreciated and urgently needed.

There is a great lack in the schools! The children are always happy if they receive school supplies such as pencils, exercise books, English books, language cassettes, clothes and shoes, etc. (only used items, please).

Mostly teachers and headmasters have to cope with a heavy work load. Some schools not even have a headmaster. So they hardly find enough time for a thorough training of our volunteers. Self-initiative and organizing ability are required.

In July and August all schools are closed. During this time holiday courses and excursions are organized for the children. You can organize and realize these holiday programmes together with the communities. The communities are pleased with any kind of activity offered for the children: excursions with the children, teaching them English in the holiday classes, sports.

The mayor and town council welcome each volunteer in their community, also and especially during the school holidays.

Volontary work Sprachkurs
Service: Spanish course with 20 private lessons per week; minimum duration: 2 weeks.
When: In the afternoon, Monday to Friday, time to be agreed with your teacher.
Where: In a guesthouse close to the primary school
Duration and costs:

The voluntary activity is free of charge. Costs only arise for the language course and accommodation.

  • 1 week of voluntary work with language course and accommodation: USD 184,00
  • 1 week of voluntary work without language course: USD 49,00 (only accommodation)
  • minimum duration of work in the primary school: 4 weeks
  • minimum duration of the language course accompanying your voluntary activity: 2 weeks

Travelling expenses of your teacher to the primary school are included. The Spanish course can also take place prior to your work as a volunteer. In this case you will be accommodated with a host family in Quito or you will be lodged on your journey within the Learning and Travelling programme.