Children´s homes Fundación Tío and Fundación Aliñambi

Honorary work in social projects for children in Ecuador

You will work on an honorary basis in a children´s home of the Fundación Tío or of the Fundación Aliñambi. You will look after the children, take care of their needs, play with them, teach them. Both children´s homes are located close to Sangolqui, at about 40 km from Quito

The help of voluntary workers is highly appreciated and urgently needed in the communities! Both children´s homes live on donations. Participation in a language course (40 hours) is a condition for taking part in these projects and places are only then available for you.

The work in a children´s home requires a great deal of self-initiative and organizing ability! Professional staff usually is overwhelmed with work and so there often is too little time left for a thorough training of our volunteers.

Ecuador is a developing country. The children´s homes need allrounders who like to work on their own initiative and can lend a hand where ever they are needed.
Volontary work Language course
Service: Spanish course with 20 private lessons per week; minimum duration: 2 weeks.
When: During the voluntary work always in the morning, Monday to Friday from 8.00 am until 12.00 am.
Where: The Spanish lessons take place in the children´s home.
Costs for the language course: USD 236,00 per week, incl. travelling expenses of the teacher to the children´s home, incl. board and lodging in the children´s home.You can also attend the Spanish course before you start your voluntary activity. In this case you will be accommodated with a host family in Quito or you will be lodged on your journey within the Learning and Travelling programme.