Frequently asked questions

Do I have to book a place in a charity institution long in advance?
No, there is space available at any time, even at short notice. Currently we dispose of a total of 12  places in different projects.

How long in advance should I register for a Spanish course in combination with voluntary work in a
We should receive your registration for a Spanish course at least 10 days before it starts, no matter if you want to combine it with a volunteer activity or not. We recommend you to get registered as soon as possible via our website. This would help us enormously in our planning even though you may still change the period of your stay. Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.

How long may I work in the charity institution?
Depending on the project you may work as a volunteer up to 90 days. For this period neither visa nor working permission is required.

I already speak Spanish, so may I just work in a social or charitable institution without taking Spa
A Spanish course of at least two weeks with 40 hours of private tuition per week is a requirement for your work in a charity institution. Also for those of you with a good command of Spanish we offer lessons adapted to your personal needs such as specific training in the fields medicine, economy and technology. Working in a charity institution is not possible without Spanish course.

Lässt sich mein Volontariat als Zivildienst oder Praxissemester anerkennen?
Das Volontariat wird nach Beendigung vom Träger in spanischer Sprache bescheinigt. Über die verschiedenen individuellen Anerkennungsmöglichkeiten für Praxissemester oder Zivildienst können wir keine Aussage machen.
Do your teachers or the host families speak English?
Our teachers speak only very little English. We find it important that the lessons are held in Spanish only. This helps our students to learn the language more efficiently. Our host families do not speak English neither.

For how many weeks do your students usually take a Spanish course?
Most of our students take Spanish lessons over three to six weeks depending on what they personally want to achieve. Those who want to have a perfect command of Spanish in speech and writing will stay eight to twelve weeks. Most of our students take Spanish lessons during their work in a charity organisation or while travelling through Ecuador to learn something about the country, its people and its culture.

Where do your students come from?
Our students come from all over the world but mainly from the United States, Canada and Europe.

How many teachers do you have?
We have eight permanent female teachers and one permanent male teacher in our team. In addition we have a number of freelance teachers who support us in the high season. All are qualified Spanish teachers for foreigners and have different professional and academic qualifications.

How many students are currently at Atahualpa?
We always have 5 to 15 students per week. However most of our students are not in our school but work in charity institutions for children or take lessons while travelling with their teachers through Ecuador.

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